My Story

(taken by my good friend with Danielle Lemon Photography)

 Living and growing up in Upstate NY, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself randomly moving to NC. Not only did that mean I didn't have to deal with the horrific winters I have come to know all too well, but it lead me to this blessed life I live today.

Once I moved to NC I soon found my other half. He and I have been very lucky in that we have an amazing son, Roman, who has just lit up our world. He is a real piece of work, ha ha.

Growing up I always remember my mom sewing things here and there... mostly curtains for our huge bay windows at a ranch home we used to live in. I would help her where I could, but being only 8 or so at the time, I cant imagine how much I really helped. ;)

When I got my first Brother sewing machine two years ago I never imagined it would take me where I am finding myself today with RoLeeJo. The creations it helped me make was beyond what I ever thought I was capable of.

Now specializing in making baby and toddler items, but don't be surprised if you see a different product here and there. :)

All in all, I love the feeling of finishing a project and knowing some beautiful little soul will love it to pieces.

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  1. I know I am just your Mom and all Moms feel their daughters are amazing. Your talents with creating has already cuddled and covered so many little ones.
    This will flourish for you. Your designs and seams are perfect. The quality of love you put in each piece shows brightly. Each little one and their Mom will most assuredly remember RoLeeJo.